ReActive Bra
ReActive Bra
ReActive Bra
ReActive Bra
ReActive Bra
ReActive Bra
ReActive Bra
ReActive Bra

ReActive Bra

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Offering performance for everything from lighter workouts to active travels and every day comfort, the ReActive Bra will quickly become your new favorite. The luxuriously soft ReActive knit fabric wicks, breathes, stretches and fends off odor. Feature highlights include the soft elastic band and ventilated fabric construction. Made from recycled fabric preventing two plastic bottles from piling up in a landfill.

Recycled Bottle Count: 2
  • Re – Made from recycled plastic bottle fiber
  • Flex – Offers excellent range of motion and shape retention for high activity comfort
  • Gdry – Extremely efficient moisture-transferring finish that helps you stay dry and comfortable
  • Polygiene® Anti Odor – Keeps you fresh and odor free

ReActive lite knit

  • 48% recycled polyester, 44% CD polyester, 8% spandex
  • Estimated bottle count 2
  • Low-impact support
  • Soft elastic underbust band
  • Soft spandex straps
  • Smooth frictionless fabric hand
  • Breathable fabric construction
  • Garment weight: 1.6 oz. Size small

    Bottles to Body

    Learn how we turn recycled plastic bottles into clothing

    Turning Plastic Bottles into Clothing

    Collecting Bottles

    It all starts with collecting the plastic bottles which are then sorted, cleaned, and shredded into chips. 

    Creating the Fabric

    Then the chips are melted, extruded, and spun into high strength, high performance, and super comfortable yarns.

    Finished Products

    After the fabric is made, we sew it into our Recycled GoLite products. From bottle to body, we are giving recyled plastic bottles a new life.