Ethical Activewear

When GoLite relaunched the goal wasn’t just to create ethical activewear. We know our responsibility to the planet extends beyond how we make our high performance clothes. We decided what we do with this new product line is just as important. That’s why we launched GoAid. 

For our first project, we joined Medical Teams International to make a difference in Uganda. We outfitted global health care workers with over 14,000 pieces of clothing. These uniforms help identify aid workers and allows them to do their jobs comfortably and efficiently in often challenging environments inside refugee settlements.    

GoLite is committed to being a part of the movement offering aid to vulnerable communities across the world. GoAid programs support global health workers caring for women and children, who are most at risk for life-threatening illnesses. All GoLite purchases help support GoAid humanitarian projects. Your support counts and we hope you join us in making a global impact.