Code of Conduct

GoLite® Code of Conduct

The magnitude and urgency of the environmental, social, and economic challenges facing our planet and people cannot be ignored. At GoLite, we want to be a part of the solution. 


In addition to utilizing existing sustainable fibers and finishes, throughout our line, we strive to innovate and develop new earth-friendly solutions for gear and apparel.

All GoLite suppliers must comply with the relevant environmental laws of their country, and implement systems and protocols to minimize and eliminate negative environmental impacts. 


90+ % of the GoLite apparel product line is developed from environmentally preferred, recycled and low energy production materials and processes. We are fully committed to maintaining and improving upon these percentages every season.

Packaging & Hangtags

Our packaging and hangtags are made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Just like our clothing fabrics, we are committed to using recycled materials to cut down on what goes into landfills. We also use recycled paper for all of our hangtags, underwear packaging, and sock packaging. 

Shipping Boxes and Mailers

Packaging is a category that can have a significant impact on sustainability. Our shipping boxes are 100% recycled corrugated cardboard made in partnership with Pratt, a company committed to sustainable practices. We source our shipping mailers from makers of 100% recycled content. Our mailers offer a dual adhesive strip enabling reuse prior to being recycled.


Getting rid of plastic packaging is a real challenge when it comes to sustainability and we’ve decided that compostable and biodegradable polybags are the only way to go. GoLite uses polybags in partnership with supplier Grabio. Our polybags are certified USA BPI “compostable” which means it must reach 90% or higher biodegration within 180 days. All GoLite products will be shipped to retailers in these biodegradable and compostable polybags, which can be disposed of in a commercial food and yard waste bin.

UPC Stickers

For such small things, labels and UPC stickers can add up to a lot. To lessen the impact of waste on the environment, GoLite is committed to the smallest details in our sustainability efforts. By partnering with PURE Labels™, we’ve created UPC stickers that are compostable, biodegradable, and recyclable. We don’t stop there. We use adhesives and labels that are independently field tested to meet compostability standards.

Human Rights


GoLite is dedicated to respecting the basic human rights and dignity of all people involved in our value chain, from our full- and part-time employees to the thousands of individuals involved in manufacturing our products around the world.

We manufacture products in factories that are fair, safe, and non-discriminatory. We annually audit our production facilities according to strict social and environmental guidelines and meticulously choose certified and audited mills/ factories.

Voluntary Employment

Employment of each GoLite Employee and those of our manufacturing partners must be voluntary. Use of any level of forced labor practices is strictly prohibited. 

Child Labor/Freedom of Association

GoLite operations and the operations of our partner factories and mills will not have incidents of discrimination, child labor, forced or compulsory labor, or violate the right to exercise freedom of association or collective bargaining. Nor will GoLite operations and the operations of our partner factories and mills will not have incidents of violations involving the rights of indigenous people. 


GoLite operations and the operations of our partner facilities will provide safe and healthy working environments to prevent the risk of accidents on the job. 


GoLite will honor the minimum wage rates required by local law, or the applicable prevailing wage. Whichever is higher. Additionally, GoLite will offer stipulated benefits. 


Overtime hours conducted by GoLite employees will be paid at the premium rate legally required in the country of manufacturing. If such laws do not exist, GoLite employees will be paid rates equal to their regular hourly compensation levels. 

Greater Good

At GoLite, we believe we are inseparable from the communities in which we operate. We believe in giving back to society, and we strive to do so in a wide variety of ways.

Foundational to the GoLite purpose is a mission to leverage company resources, materials, processes and partnerships to do good, while minimizing environmental impact. 

Our commitment to corporate social and environmental responsibility translates into lighter products, good environmental and labor practices, audits conducted of our factories by in-house production staff, and supporting outreach nonprofits.