Fabric & Technology

Clothing is becoming more like equipment. It doesn’t just sit there— it’s busy wicking and stretching, warming and cooling and doing all sorts of things while getting lighter. Learn about the fabrics and technologies we use to push this trend even further.


The best way to recycle plastic bottles is to wear them.

It all starts with collection, sorting, cleaning and shredding the plastic bottles into chips. Then the chips are melted, extruded, and spun into high strength, high performance and super comfortable yarns. Hard work? Worth it when the result saves more than 50% of the energy typically required to make new fibers. Wear your plastic bottles proudly.


Green goes with everything, particularly the planet.

By using recycled green bottles (often left in landfills), we save over 50% of the energy normally required to make fabric. By utilizing the green color from bottles, as opposed to dying, we further reduce water consumption by up to 80%. We think the planet looks a lot better in green.


People create problems; it’s up to caring people to solve those problems.

GoLite works in partnership with Da.Ai to integrate leading recycled fabrics and processes into our collection. Da.Ai works with many recycling volunteers who's heart for recycling is what makes this process special.


The key to comfort is moisture management, and our Gdry is the CEO of managing moisture.

GoLite’s Gdry is an extremely efficient moisture-transferring finish that will help you stay dry and comfortable.


The fact that this keeps your clothes from stinking up the place is only half the story.

GoLite’s OdorStop uses a variety of technologies to keep your clothes fresh so you can go farther.


Stretch is comfortable. 4-way stretch is awesome. Flex 4.

GoLite’s Flex4 takes comfort to its highest level with the ability to stretch and recover in every direction.


You move. It moves. That’s pretty much all that matters.

GoLite’s Flex fabric offers excellent range of motion and shape retention for high activity comfort.


It’s like creating your own shade.

GoLite’s SunScreen provides UPF 25-39, so you can spend all your time exploring and no time worrying about dangerous rays.


We’re talking about a total eclipse of the sun, here.

GoLite SunStop provides UPF 50, recognized as the highest rating for fabrics.