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Editors' Choice Awards 2019: The Best Gear of the Year

For five months, we crisscrossed continents, climates, and comfort zones to put the newest outdoor products to the ultimate hiker’s test. A final, weeklong gauntlet in the Pyrenees Mountains, in Spain’s Catalonia region, was the finishing touch: By its end, we had elected these 12 winners of this year’s Editors’ Choice Awards.

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GoLite Is Turning Empty Bottles into Jackets

"The brand is rethinking how green plastic bottles are recycled...At Winter Outdoor Retailer, we got the first look at GoLite’s new line of products. Most interesting is the ReGreen Windshell ($100), which is made completely from recycled bottles and combines technical innovation with the brand’s sustainability focus. "

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GoLite Lends a Hand in Guatemala

"Suffice to say, a little bit of help goes a long way in Guatemala – and the outdoor industry is starting to act. GoLite, for instance, recently teamed up with nonprofit Medical Teams International to help provide rural communities with important public health resources. "

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King 5

Seattle company turns plastic bottles into clothing

A Seattle company is helping reduce waste by turning plastic bottles into clothing.

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"Like many responsible outdoor companies, GoLite uses recycled bottles in its fabrics. But unlike other brands, GoLite embraces the green ones that nobody else wants." Read More

"Just as afternoon thunderstorms can surprise you during a spring outdoor workout, so can unexpectedly cold temps after the sun goes down. Bring along a stretchy, warm, moisture-wicking hoodie like this one from GoLite to banish post-workout chills." Read More

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